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Reduced stress for your pets


Convenient home calls to suit you


30+ years' veterinary experience


Latest advances in treatment 


Personalised and compassionate approach


A 'Best for Pet' ethos



Chris Furley, Henley Vet specialist in zoological medicine.
Chris Furley
Vet in Henley examing pets at home.
Henley Vet applies recent advances in treating pets
New Therapies

All the services offered are designed to diagnose medical conditions in your own home in a relaxed manner and advise on treatment and management to keep the patient healthy and ensure quality of life.

Recent advances in medical technology mean that there are now several completely new products for pets with an easy-to-use application that minimises handling and stress to the patient.

Chris has over 30 years' experience with pets and wildlife in Africa, Asia and Europe.

His approach relies on the natural biology of the animal combined with modern advances in medicine to improve health. 

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