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A healthy diet results in a healthy pet. The wide variety of pet food available in the UK in recent years has resulted in whole ranges of processed foods flavoured with meat, poultry or fish. These diets can be obtained as either 'wet' or 'dry' foods and some animals, particularly cats, can become so accustomed to one form of food that they refuse anything else.


We must remember that our pets have descended from wild ancestors, which, to this day, hunt a huge variety of prey species and consequently have learned to eat  a wide range of items. Some big cat species for example have been reocrded eating more than 30 different types of prey. This is not reflected in the choice given to pets.


Many pets are overweight and in later life may develop illnesses associated with poor diet and obesity, such as diabetes, just like humans. With knowledge, planning and forethought some of these pitfalls can be avoided.


Chris' experience of feeding zoo animals has given him a unique insight into how we can improve the diet for domestic pets by using the natural biology of the animal to our advantage.


By visiting your home and seeing your pet in its home environment and discussing with you the feeding regime currently being followed, both of you can formulate a new feeding pattern that will help to make life more interesting for your pet, reduce any risk of illness and promote a healthy lifestyle.      



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