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As a result of over 30 years’ experience with zoo animals and wildlife in a number of countries, I am happy to offer the first consultancy service for exotic & wildlife in captivity in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.


I have experience of a wide range of bird and mammals, such as parrots, waterfowl, rheas & ostriches, deer, llamas and other species such as birds of prey.

  • Health programs and disease investigation for bird and reptile collections, incl. post-mortem service, death-in-shell and bird sexing


  • Advice on import-export of birds and exotic stock


  • Advice on capture & handling of deer and wild cattle, blood sampling for DEFRA requirements


  • Investigation of disease in deer, llamas etc


  • design of housing to comply with current legislation


  • advice on establishing new collections, either in the UK or overseas


  • training staff to feed and handle non-domestic species

Wildlife requires specialist

knowledge and expertise

In many cases a Zoo Licence or Dangerous Wild Animal Licence is required

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