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Treating your pet in the coronavirus crisis
August 2022 Update

In keeping with the new government guidelines issued over the past few years advising. everyone to stay at home bar all non-essential travel and travel to work, and following the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) communication:

"It is responsibility of the veterinary surgeon to take steps to provide 24-hour emergency first aid and pain relief to animals according to their skills and the specific situation, veterinary practices will need to continue to carry out this work. It is important that animal owners are able to focus on their own health, and not need to worry about their pets. Veterinary surgeons who are providing this essential work can be considered key workers." (RCVS)

I am able to visit clients  at home under the following conditions:

Social distancing should  be kept at all times.

Where possible, animals will be seen outdoors to avoid sharing the same airspace. 

For visits that will take longer than 10 minutes, there will be a series of questions

about anyone testing positive, having been tested, in self-isolation, shielding etc within the household so records can be kept in case of positive cases amongst the parties afterwards.

For sedations involving dental work or surgery etc it will also be necessary for both parties to wear fresh sets of clothing to avoid cross-contamination from interactions with other people earlier in the day. 

As usual I will continue to provide:

1) Emergency care to animals in distress and supply of urgent prescriptions. All strict hygiene and disease prevention protocols will continue.

2) Free telephone consultations to any worried pet owners, whether you are a registered client or not.

3) Delivery of medication for pain relief, chronic ailments and emergencies.

We are living in unprecedented times and I want to reassure all of you of my continuing support and dedication to the welfare and health of you and your pets.

Preventing spread of infection

As some of you may know, my specialist background is in infectious diseases; I am fully aware of the mode of transmission and measures of precaution that need to be taken - especially with those of you who may be more vulnerable to infection. 

I am taking extra preventative measures if entering a  home to provide emergency care or treat an animal in distress ensuring there  is minimal risk to either you or myself. This includes maintaining a distance from you when discussing your pet's problem, wearing protective clothing and following strict protocols of hygiene and sterilisation. 

warm regards,


The Henley Mobile Vet





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