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Fleas and ticks on your animal or in your house can be both a nuisance as well as a threat to health. Fleas in particular have a nasty habit of remaining undetected until your pet starts itching and scratching. Sometimes they invade the house and can bite the owners as well. In some cases, fleas can carry diseases transmissible to cats such as a blood parasites.


Ticks have received publicity recently after a new blood-borne disease (canine babesiosis - normally found in central Europe) was detected in dogs in the UK. British ticks may carry a variety of diseases affecting dogs, a problem normally associated with summer.


Worms are always a danger to both cats and dogs, particularly to young animals whose immune systems are immature. Affected animals often develop diarrhoea and lose weight rapidly. Some worms can be transmitted to humans.


The key to preventing your pet from suffering from any parasitic diseases is a regime of regular treatment using the correct preparations. These can be either spot-on preparations familiar to most pet owners, or tablets for both fleas and worms.


Medication can be either delivered to you or sent to you providing you are registered with the Vet in Henley.     




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