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Treating your pet at home means I can:

  • develop a better relationship between vet and owner

  • spend longer in consultation with you over your pet's health

  • get to know your pet in depth on a long-term basis

  • observe your pet in its own home environment

  •  avoid the stress of visiting a clinic


Many of Henley's residents have pets who find a car journey anywhere a stressful experience, particularly for cats. This stress can be increased on arrival at a veterinary clinic where the cat or dog may remember being handled and treated in a foreign environment. If the animal is ill as well this whole episode may take on a larger-than-life significance. Sometimes animals hide their symtoms in these circumstances, and some may become agressive as a form of defense.


The concept of mobile veterinary services is well established in the USA and some parts of Asia. Visiting vets are able to spend more time with their clients and get to know the animals much better and often find examination of nervous pets easier in their home environment. It can sometimes make diagnosis clearer if the animal routinely displays symptoms at home but not in a clinic.

Owners find a home-visiting service convenient too : no longer having to negotiate traffic and find somewhere to park, they can also be sure their pet will not be exposed to other (potentially ill) animals which they might inevitably meet in a clinic waiting room. In addition, many residents working outside the town, in London for example, may appreciate a home visit rather than having to leave the house once again for something that could be done easily and simply at home.





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