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'I cannot thank you enough for your care of Tish. It has been an enormous comfort to be able to have you come out to her in her own home instead of taking her in to the vet with all the distress a car-ride entailed.' Viv Mitchell, Shiplake

All prices are inclusive of VAT.   


includes Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays


Home visit and consultation  £72.00

Your pet's consultation consists of a full discussion with you about your pet's nature and behaviour, medical history, feeding and examination of eyes, ears, teeth, skin, limbs, chest and abdomen. It may also include examination of the the animal's gait and movement. A hair, blood or urine sample may be required in some patients.  


Home visit + annual dog booster £66.00     

Home visit + kennel cough vaccination £55.00   

Home visit + puppy course ( 2 vaccinations 2 weeks apart) £96.00   


Home visit + annual cat booster £6.00

Home visit + leukaemia course only (2 vaccinations) £55.00

Home visit + leukaemia booster only £35.50

Home visit + kitten course (2 vaccinations 3 weeks apart) £96.00


Discounts for multiple-pet households



Dental cleaning using ultrasound scaler : procedure includes sedation/light aneasthesia - dogs £250 to £330  cats £240


Home visit + microchip implant  £ price on application

Written prescription fee £19.20


Home visit and euthanasia cat               £150 + VAT

Home visit & euthanasia small dog       £150 + VAT

Home visit & euthanasia large dog        £264 + VAT

Home visit & euthanasia medium dog  £210 + VAT


Costs vary according to the type of medication and size of the patient

Flea, tick and worm treatment

Broadline for small cats           £ 9.50 per pipette

Broadline for large cats            £10.50 per pipette

Anti-inflammatory painkillers

Loxicom for cats 5ml            £  9.00

Loxicom for cats  15ml         £17.50

Loxicom for dogs  10ml       £13.00

Loxicom for dogs  32ml       £16.00

Loxicom for dogs 100ml      £44.00

Joint supplements - containing glucosamine, chondroitin & mussel extract

Yumove for dogs 60 tablets   £16.50 



Fees are payable immediately at the time of service and may be made in cash, or by cheque or bank transfer.




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