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Teeth cleaning

Our teeth cleaning service is very simple.

If your pet has teeth covered with plaque - which can damage the gums and cause tooth rot - then we are happy to visit you to rectify the problem.

The procedure involves sedating your pet for about half an hour, then breaking up the plaque with an ultrasound dental scaler and cleaning up the whole mouth. Once the plaque has been removed and the teeth are fully visible, we can see if any extractions are required. Animals recover from the sedation within 15 minutes and the daily schedule can be resumed. 

This procedure eliminates the necessity of taking your pet to a veterinary clinic for the day and is also much less expensive.


 dog £240+VAT  and over depending on size

 cat £220+VAT

There may be antibiotics and painkillers if your pet has had any extractions: these are extra. 

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